Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Show your solidarity and bring the troops home NOW!

This is a message urging everyone to get downtown Toronto this Saturday for one of Ontario's largest marches supporting the Stop the War Coalition.

Billions and billions of dollars are diverted everyday to support the war effort when really we need to re-re-route that money and spend it on researching alternative energies and feeding out homeless, sick, and elderly here at home.

I went to the last one in March 2006 and it was amazing. The media claimed only 1000 people showed up, but truly there was likely five times as many. The communal feel and passion fostered when such a large group of people get together to fight for democracy is incredible.

"Out of Afghanistan, Out of Iraq, Bush and Harper bring the troops back!"

Please go to the following site for more information:
Rally and march
Saturday, October 28 at 1:00pm
United States Consulate, 360 University Avenue
(between Dundas and Queen; nearest subways: St. Patrick and Osgoode)

PS. There are lots of free signs to carry, bring noise makers, drums, your singing voices and dress for the weather!

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