Sunday, October 29, 2006

"Healthy Choices, Healthy Oceans"

Hungry for fish tonight? Check out this site before you eat! Your dinner tonight may be a result of damaging fishing practices or fish farming. Be a smart consumer and help push the fishing industry into higher envrionmental standards. I've only recently began to question where my seafood was actually coming from. I think its only fair. I mean we all know where our wine comes from, but not much else.

So go to the site and enjoy some free downloads. There is a handy index to help you make better choices when purchasing food in the grocery store, market or restaurant. I printed two off, one for my wallet and one for my organizer. And! They need your help to get the large grocerers to buy more sustainable fish due to YOUR demand. Print off a couple drop cards and let local managers know there is a market for a healthier fish selection. Also you can find lots of information about different fishing locations from their directory. Enjoy!

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Darcy Higgins said...

Hey - great site/partnership

Did you see this in today's news?