Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Reduce your impact in your home

Since the movie An Inconvenient Truth inspired me to write this blog/column, I am directing you to the website associated with the movie. There are lot of super easy tips for reducing your impact. But i do encourage you to look thoroughly through the whole page. There is a lot of really good information on global warming:

And here is the beloved Greenpeace site. They offer a good breakdown of tips in and around the home. Try out the green cleaning recipes. They really work and are quite economical:

This is David Suzuki's site. It's full of information about climate change and what we can do NOW to change things. This site is about how to reduce your impact in the home, but there are other pages on this site about the office and school:

This is a small site put out by the Environmental Action group in Barrie Ontario. It has some decent tips and the Green Links page is very helpful to other useful sites:

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